The Dangerous Idiots / Mentor or Tormentor [2021]

The latest studio record from The Dangerous Idiots. Twenty minutes of high-octane garage rock, thick, double-fisted riffs rolling into trashcan power chords, drums and bass all the way inside you, with vocals careening overhead, singing about the very nature of existence itself and also cat vomit. For fans of: Pixies, QOTSA, Weird Al.


Kid City / PG-13 Cash Grab [2021]

PG-13 Cash Grab is the debut record by Aaron Sarlo, Matt Rakes, and Olivia Glusica. What the trio came up with is six artistry-dense bangers, each more engaging than the last, bass and drums working together, melody and rhythm folding in on each other, with Aaron Sarlo’s unique vocal and lyrical style poured on top like syrup. For fans of: Flaming Lips, Priums.

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Laundry for the Apocalypse [2021]

Back from oblivion! The Laundry for the Apocalypse record has recently been re-issued. Eight lush, dreamy, keyboard-infused soundscapes with wandering double drums galloping across, bass anchoring the competing melodies, deep, resonating surf guitar, electric washboard, and vocal melodies the color and shape of a really good daydream. For fans of M-83, Grifters.


Aaron Sarlo / Penis Tsunami [2019]

Songwriter, Aaron Sarlo, did not intend to throw gasoline on the fire that is the national discourse when he released his comedy-country ballad Penis Tsunami in 2019. However, since 2019, a cursory glance at the nation’s political landscape will show anyone that things have changed in America since the release of this song. This delightful, extremely catchy, laugh-out-loud “music-comedy gold” from “the best lyricist in Arkansas.” For fans of laughing.

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