Aaron Sarlo

Aaron Sarlo is a musician, producer, comedian and songwriter. For the better part of three decades he has written and performed music all across America, making friends and fans along the way.

Since the lockdown Aaron has spent all of his waking moments writing and recording multiple projects which were released in November 2021. The resulting material is about love, loss, hope and despair, but ultimately its about catharsis. About being true to yourself and fighting through.

The first single is called Thick, and it’s the opening shot fired on the new Dangerous Idiots album, Mentor or Tormentor, a record that asks the question, “What if the people we look up to are actually those causing us the most harm?” 

He has plans to release three additional records worth of material in 2022, and will be touring to showcase his music, his passion, his humour, and his boundless energy.



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